Wings of Love

Wings of Love will be at the LeRoy Community Building on Saturday , August 29th at 11:00 a.m.

Yvonne Patterson has kept birds since she was two years old.  She has trekked through rainforests in nearly 20 countries; her experiences & photographs are internationally published.  She has created a unique opportunity to teach us about the important connection between the rainforests, our personal survivability, and the preservation of global natural resources.  Utilizing beautiful birds allows Yvonne to educate thousands of children and adults each year by putting them back in touch with the beauty of nature.

Wings of Love programs mesmerize young and old alike; all ages are entertained by the antics of the birds. A macaw & cockatoo roller skate, ride a bicycle, play basketball, spell words, raise the flag, bowl, etc.; a pollinator hip-hops, break-dances, and does EMT rescue atop his remote control fire truck; a bird either sings or says things like “I can talk…can you fly”; our naughty Toco Toucan acts up; the largest owl in the world silently glides over audience.

Provided by the Friends of the LeRoy Library and the Coffey County Library LeRoy Branch.

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