Book Review – Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Picture1If you loved small town southern lawyer Jake Brigance in John Grisham’s thriller, A Time to Kill, then Sycamore Row is a must read.  Only three years have passed since Jake’s most famous courtroom case.  Now a new and mysterious lawsuit has entwined him in a courtroom battle involving millions of dollars.  Local recluse Seth Hubbard is a dying man who ends his own suffering by hanging himself from a sycamore tree.  Before he does, however, he leaves a new, handwritten will leaving his substantial fortune to his black maid and nothing to his two children or his grandchildren.  A fierce legal battle follows as Jake tries to uncover the motive behind Seth Hubbard’s actions while still performing his duties to carry out the wishes of the dead man.

-Tina Crupper, Lebo Branch

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