6 by 6

Early Literacy Programs for Children

Children get ready to read long before they begin school. Their early experiences with books and language lay the foundation for future reading success. Early literacy is defined as a child’s knowledge of reading and writing prior to actually having the ability to read. Experts identify six important pre-reading skills necessary to best prepare a child for reading development prior to age six. These six skills frame the State of Kansas Library’s 6by6 Early Literacy Initiative:

  1. Have Fun with Books (print motivation)
  2. Talk, Talk, Talk (vocabulary)
  3. Take Time to Rhyme (phonological awareness)
  4. Notice Print all Around You (print awareness)
  5. Look for Letters (letter knowledge)
  6. Tell Stories about Everything (narrative skills)

Coffey County Library is committed to developing early literacy skills and preparing the youngest members of our communities for reading success. All branches offer a variety of fun literacy enhanced programs promoting school readiness. Library storytimes will develop and reinforce various 6by6 skills. Caregivers in attendance will also gain great ideas, have access to a vast number of resources, and be inspired to extend learning beyond the child’s visit to the library. Children routinely exposed to fun, interactive, and literacy rich environments will develop early literacy skills and grow up to be successful readers.

  • Burlington Wed. 10:30
  • Gridley Wed. 10:00
  • Lebo Fri. 10:00
  • LeRoy Mon. 10:30
  • New Strawn Tues. 10:30
  • Waverly Thurs. 10:15

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